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I'm a low income single mother who is wanting to build a patio for our home. I'm not sure what would be my cheapest yet stable way to do this. Hiring one company to do both design and construction can simplify the process 

12 Deck and Patio Ideas That Won't Break the Bank a new slipcover on an old couch or buying an affordable daybed and adding outdoor pillows. All you need is PVC pipe or wood, and curtains to drape for a fast cabana.

This cheap patio plan is stylish and easy to build. For our patio's design, we copied the pattern of a 1950s tiled wall in the neighborhood; it uses four colors in 

You'll have gorgeous outdoor lighting without having to provide electricity. It's a a hardy and drought-tolerant foliage plant that germinates super fast.

Alexi blogs about DIY projects, design and entertaining at Seeking Alexi. simple deck to help make her backyard the perfect place for outdoor entertaining. If you want to make your low-level deck as inexpensive and simple as possible, 

Red Brick Patio - cheap, fast & durable. The pattern & design have been around forever so matching blocks will always be easy to obtain in 

Backyard Patio Design Idea. 30 Patio Design Ideas for Your Backyard. Vertical Garden Wall. 22 DIY Vertical Garden Wall Ideas. Take your 

Create some privacy and shading for your patio with some inexpensive slat sides. space, such as 10-by-10 feet or 10-by-12 feet quickly with few tools and little effort. How to Make Cheap Outside Christmas Decorations · Frugal Ideas for 

Learn how to build a fence with this collection of 27 DIY cheap fence ideas. come with a tutorial, if you are handy, you should be able to figure it out quickly.

These easy-care plant varieties for your garden are the hard-working wonders landscape designers rely on, year after year, including 

You don't need lots of time or money to create an inviting, relaxing outdoor Got some inexpensive and creative ideas from ur 7 tips on upgrading furniture or 

A patio can be created with many materials, but it's hard to beat one made from pavers for ease of installation and low maintenance. The initial cost may be