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Soundproofing floors, walls and ceilings is very achievable by using PhoneStar acoustic insulation board which reduces both airborne sound and impact sound.

Absorption Products, Sound proofing acoustic foam and acoustic panels. aixFOAM - the sound acoustic professional.

An eco-friendly, natural and breathable soundproofing board which provides outstanding results for both airborne sound reduction (e.g. talking, music, television .

The BGH (German Federal Court) declared the minimum sound insulation of the . PhoneStar Sound Insulation Boards allow our customers to keep their wall, .

Noise pollution can have an unfavourable effect on working and living conditions. Hertel offers . Do you have questions to our insulation services in Germany?

Knauf Cleaneo Acoustic are perforated or slotted gypsum boards in . systems with enhanced requirements for sound insulation and fire protection, and in case .

Phonestar, formerly known as Phonewell is an award winning German sound insulation board. It is constructed from totally environmentally friendly products; .

Floor Soundproofing with SBX boards to minimise airborne sound transmission upwards, as well as . Award-winning German engineered silica filled panels .

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High quality Manufacture. Sound Proof Rooms made in Germany, Europe. STUDIOBOX is a manufacturer of standardized and custom engineered modular .

The requirements on constructional sound insulation of door sets consisting of door blank, frame and . The result is taken according to German Standard DIN 52210 in Rw = 'sound insulation level in dB without . Multi-Layer Solid Board .

Sound insulation a flat One family from Germany, reports: The noise from the . On both the wall and the plaster board sides, the faces of the wood slats were .

Even minimum noise can become troublesome after a while. Lindner soundproofed doors provide peace and quiet allowing you to concentrate on your work .

GUTEX insulation boards possess high density, minimum stiffness, and high porosity – exactly the dampening attributes required for effective soundproofing .

4.4.3 Additional Gypsum-based Board . 4.5.2 Mineral Fibre Backed Board .. Building Control departments the potential to request a sound insulation test be.

Our ceiling and insulation solutions ensure increased acoustic comfort so that society . BRUNNER Eggenfelden in Germany. Materials ROCKPANEL boards