penta boards treated

Flooring is treated with water repellent Pentachlorophenol (Penta WR) for above ground use. Penta WR is the shortened name for the chemical preservative, 

Yellow Pine Penta-Treated Porch Flooring for moisture to run away from house,; Use exterior grade oil-based primer on all 6 sides of boards before installing, 

Penta-treated and CCA-treated Routes of Exposure to. Chemicals in Treated Wood. PENTA. CCA. PENTA. CCA boards and other wood in contact with soil.

use, and dispose of treated wood products safely and penta- and creosote-treated wood for structural uses Do not use treated wood for cutting boards,.

Hart Brand Penta In Oil Pressure Treated Southern Pine Posts. 3" dia. x 6' or 6-1/2 Popular Posts For Board Fences and Low Retaining Walls. 4-1/2" dia. x 7' 

Treated Lumber - 1. kiln dried after treatment Penta Flooring - yellow pine T&G Lattice. 1x4-8' 3/4 x 4 x 8 Rough Treated Fence Boards. 4/4 x 6 - 16'.

Treating solutions normally contain 5% penta by weight. Depending upon the solvent used, penta treated wood will vary from light to dark brown in color. Penta 

treated wood products to resist decay and termite attack for 40 years or longer. The preservatives Common varieties of oil-borne preservatives include pentachlorophenol, or “penta,” and copper naphthenate. boards or countertops. C.

This catalog has no sub-catalogs. 6 x 6 x 8' Penta Treated Oak Tie. Product Code: 668LT. Quantity : Description: Great for landscape walls and flower beds.


Made in the USA this product's superior grade of wood and the process by which it is manufactured is second to none for the intended purpose. Pressure treated 

Until 2004, pressure-treated wood for residential use was preserved with The label of a board treated with ACQ or CA lists the retention level.

MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET Penta chlorophenol Treated Wood. SECTION 1- Do not use treated wood for cutting-boards or countertops. Only treated 

TCLP testing of penta and creosote treated wood has conclusively demonstrated that treated .. Do not use treated wood for cutting-boards or countertops.

Products treated with penta include construction lumber and timber, utility poles the handling of the treated wood, EPA has restricted the use of creosote, penta, for cutting-boards or countertops; • for parts of beehives that may come into 

Pressure treated wood containing the pest- icides includes railroad ties, equipment, and lawn furniture, and for millwork, plywood and particle- board. Penta- chloropnenol is used primarily for poles, posts, fences, crossarms and logs for