how many sq ft is a 10x15 porch

How much does it cost to build a porch? Adding a porch is . The above figures place the porch addition at $67 per square foot. This pricing .

Use our tool to calculate square footage for various shaped spaces. . a huge difference on a home's value and how much square footage you really get for . home, you may consider adding central heating and cooling to your enclosed porch.

Calculate how many pavers are needed for your patio project by entering your . Estimate pavers needed to install a patio by finding the square footage of the .

We had a 10 x 12 sq foot screen porch built in 2009 with just the type of finishes you want. We even had crown molding. Anyway, total price was .

The screened porch isn't free, but it doesn't cost as much as heated finished space. To arrive at a universal square foot that we can use to .

Many homeowners have an occasional need for the patio to accommodate large . As you map out the exact dimensions of the patio, plan for about 3 feet by 3 .

“How many sq ft of house are you thinking of building? . begin to make plans for their 2800 sq ft house with the cute front entry porch, and think .

Small Living Room Ideas: 10 Ways to Furnish & Lay Out 100 Square Feet . I understand this amount of space and what it can hold comfortably, .

How much a patio should cost. . How Much Does a Patio Cost? . Total costs for a do-it-yourself brick patio can run $2.80 a square foot or $560 for a 10x20-foot .

The cost to Install a Concrete Patio starts at $8.19 - $10.08 per square foot, but varies significantly with common options. Get real costs for your SPECIFIC project .

Use our Fiberglass Insulation Calculator to estimate how much insulation you need to . Click on "Calculate" to determine how many square feet of insulation are .

Decking Calculators on TigerDeck | Our decking calculators estimate the lineal feet you'll need to build your TigerDeck or tongue and groove porch. Simply…

To determine how much paint you will need to buy, subtract the square footage of all windows and doors. The average window is 15 square feet and the .