old stair lumber Gaza Strip

Why would Hamas activists raid lumber stocks in the Gaza Strip specifically? Photo: Gene Han, flickr. CC BY-NC 2.0. About a month ago, Israel .

Workers walk down stairs to a parking structure as water cascades . The 30-inch (75-centimeter) 93-year-old pipe that broke made a . at the Shati refugee camp, in the northern Gaza Strip, on, July 30, .. Reuters/Stringer.

understand when reading instructions or material on stairs. . Box Stair: A stair where the stringers house the treads and risers forming a box-like unit. .. Wedge: A tapered strip of wood driven into stringer routings to fasten treads and risers .

US 'won't insist on two-state solution to Israel-Palestine conflict' . on a motorway in Hebron, in an occupied area of the southern West Bank.