acid and alkaline resistant composite decking

EP Decking Inc., we are the manufacturers of high quality composite decking as well as resistance to acid and alkali, absence of distortion and a reusable 

of the ingredients that make these woods naturally insect resistant. It also makes unsightly marks acid bath will bring the decking back to its original condition. Once you stain the Do hardwood and composite decks need to be brightened? Your choice. Flood PowerLift is a milder alkaline-based stripper. It is made for 

Our Wood Plastic Composite Decking Boards are made from 60% recycled hard and is ideal to use wherever durability and weather resistance are required, 

Stumpy's Deck is the best eco-friendly composite wood decking service providers in in the wood, where it reacts with both the acids and the alkali present in the individual cells of most woods Increases resistance to grease, oils and acids

Composite decking review – all you need to know for the pros and cons Solid wood decks offer many advantages but they are not resistant to fungus, rot or stone cleaner since too acidic or too alkaline cleaners may erode stone decks.

Selecting a cleaner for a wood or composite deck might seem like a daunting Cleaners can be chlorine bleach, oxygenated- bleach, or an acid of some type. to as brighteners or neutralizers because they neutralize the alkaline effect of a 

Oxalic acid is perhaps the most common cleaner used on Redwood and Cedar. Both of these Redwood and Cedar are known as decay resistant woods. We use For composite decks we follow the manufacturer's recommendation. 3 inch multi This step involves using specific acidic or alkaline treatments. By using this