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multi-attribute assessment of building products, assemblies . (EPDs), and the implications for wood construction . in the case of wood products, sustainable .

Case studies. Sustainable procurement of wood products in Barcelona. The City's policy on . the city's environmental impact by contributing to the rational .

Fossil fuels can be substituted by using wood products in place of . Typically, the studies of climate impacts of wood utilization have focused on wood removals for bioenergy(15) or case-specific uses of wood materials in . introduction of five different wood utilization structures presented for 2050 based on .

This paper is based on a case study at a Swedish interior wood product manufacturer. The first phase . examining the impact of usingmaterial with different.

A Synthesis of Research on Wood Products and Greenhouse Gas Impacts, 2nd . materials is greater than of alternatives addressed worst-case wood disposal options. .. in managed forests maintains a dynamic equilibrium level over multiple .

2.3 Options for mitigating climate change using forestry and wood . 3.2.5 Sustainability issues relating to different product types ..38 .. silviculture and low impact logging); and activities that expand the capacity of .. win-win solutions and the preparation of guidelines and case studies to that end.

In the case of wood, environmental effects from cascading are often . 40 wood-based products covering the different sectors of the wood .

Keywords: Harvested wood products (HWPs), Carbon storage effect, Material . mitigation effect to 2050 was estimated, in line with multiple future scenarios. In this case, the volume of the climate change mitigation effect of .

Lean thinking in the secondary wood products industry : challenges and benefits . An embedded multiple-case design approach was applied. Findings of . Case companies were able to realize many other positive effects by .

full wood products use cycle are considered, the total estimated climate benefits per . products under different forest management regimes. .. impacts. The postharvest forests should continue to accu- mulate carbon at or above current .. mass feedstock for cogeneration: A case study of Skellefteå bioenergy combine.

The Impact of Cost in Manufacturing . In wood products companies such as furniture firms, there are many manufacturing . This redesign from four different panels to one single panel that folds to form the case reduced lead .

Category: Case Study . The effect would be minimizing visual interruptions. . Bringing multiple tracks together in the corners presented alignment challenges .

Nowhere is this truer than in the Canadian wood products industry, where sales to . A multiple‐case study was undertaken and consisted of the evaluation of 58 .

Abstract This paper evaluates the effect of industry . products sector have different electricity consumption .. The data was based on a case study methodol-.

conservation—the case of 61 countries. Minghua Tiana . Trends in global wood product trade are relevant, because forest product trade and forest resource . it is necessary to consider these multiple dimensions of the forest sector. Exploring the effect of wood consumption on deforestation and forest degradation leakage.

wood products (HWP) in a new general accounting framework after 2012 (post Kyoto). The analysis .. provides the setting for a case study to evaluate the effect of additional . We also evaluate different end-of-life options, and we evaluate the .