changing new flooring on existing flooring

Installing new hardwood over older wood floors can be extremely time saving in lieu of . Newly fastened floors over existing wood floors should be installed opposite . Additionally, the newer floor height may require changes in baseboard .

Almost all manufacturers state that you must install any new floor on a . If I could not remove the existing material because a customer wanted .

No it isn't advisable.both floors are floating floors and both will be . Hi, I want to lay new laminate but cant be bothered with the mess and stress of taking the old up. . which then will be too short if you ever decide to change it again. . sure the existing floor has been laid perfectly and is completely sound?

Whether you've just recently moved into your new home and some old flooring needs replacing, or you've lived in the same house for years and just want to add .

When you need to replace your old tile flooring, can you simply lay down new over existing, or do you need to rip out what's already in place?

As any regular reader of this blog will know, if you're laying a new wood floor over an old plank sub floor, there are several things you need to .

Installing New Flooring Over Linoleum : Let's Talk Flooring . Wow so no underlay paper is needed, will laminate tap against the pre-existing tiles? . bubbly peeling off I tried replacing a section of my laminate flooring didn't .

The second reason for removing an existing floor before installing a new . Since wood expands and contracts with changes in the weather, Mr.

I want to replace all the floors, except those in the bathroom (tile) . We had carpet removed and new prefinished hardwoods installed on . We were having wood floors put in, and refinishing the existing flooring that was also .

When we moved into our house in 2006, we had a lot of changes that we wanted . I've only attached pictures of the new flooring, I don't have a record of what it .

You are doing a new installation in an area and can't feather in to the existing flooring. Perhaps there have been dye lot changes with the new .

Nevertheless we thought long and hard about whether to install a new floor or simply refinish the old one. We'd seen worse floors look good upon being sanded, .

“New floors can get scratched during cabinet installation.” . Then, if you replace the flooring, you'd have to take out the cabinets as well, .. I have an existing kitchen and want to redo the floor to be hardwood floor and replace the cabinets.

And the next time we need new flooring, my vote will be for luxury vinyl. . so it's possible to go over existing flooring without raising the floor much (see “Watch Your .. These gaps allow the flooring to expand freely with temperature changes.

However, prefinished flooring has changed all that. Now you . If you're laying your new floor over subfloor like we did, make sure the edges of the plywood meet .

This design makes replacing a single strip or plank challenging, but not . Matching the finish of the new strip to the existing flooring may be difficult, but give it a .