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Quickly and easily build rooftop decks, terraces and gardens, and elevated floors with the Eterno adjustable height pedestal system. on the Eterno range of decking supports and pedestal paver systems including pricing and availability, or if 

See current prices of all Architrex interlocking deck tiles. For prices of porcelain pavers or adjustable height pedestals, please call or email us. Prices shown 

By using an elevated paver system, water is channeled away from the roof surface, reclaiming lost space. Hanover has developed several pedestal systems to achieve level plaza deck surfaces – even those with unusual slope-to-drain 

The Iron Woods Elevations Roof Deck System provides unique and cost effective tile and pedestal solutions for the construction of roof top decks.

You should take into consideration the concrete pavers cost and the over-all cost of the Roof Pavers · IPE Deck Tiles; Adjustable Pedestals Paver Pedestal System cost of installation is around $5-$10 per sq/ft deepening on pedestal 

Tile Tech Pedestal System is designed for concrete pavers to lay level over a built up roof. Pedestal-Paver-Drain. Roof Deck. Roof Deck. Product Features 

Labor- and cost-efficient method of creating a flat, level deck over a sloped surface. • Elevate over roofing and waterproofing and not damage the surface below 

For every roof pedestal system sold, We donate $0.15. offer the most efficient and cost effective method of constructing raised decks on rooftops, roof terraces 

Bison deck supports are some of the best, elevated deck supports on the market. Price. $0.00 - $9.99 (14) · $10.00 - $19.99 (3) · $40.00 - $49.99 (2) · $50.00 - $59.99 (1) · $120.00 DecksDirect carries both the residential and commercial version of the Bison Deck Pedestals. Floating Insulation Roof Base by Bison.

Build rooftop decks, terraces and elevated floors with Eterno pedestal system and lower cost – up to 22% lower in cost than SE Series; only 4 pedestals cover 

The projects below represent a few different installs of wood deck systems. There are 1000's of installs around the world that make use of Buzon pedestals.

Buzon screwjack pedestals have been installed in 35 countries in a broad array of Roof Decks & Balconies, Plazas & Terraces, Water Features, Deck Systems, Temporary Floors, Industrial decking and a host of other niche applications. Buzon Pedestals Rooftop Terrace Awakens Views and Future Possibilities.

The new AWS Diamond Head Series is an adjustable interlocking pedestal support used to level pavers, IPE deck tiles and other architectural products to be 

Elevated Deck Systems offers carious forms of commercial and residential Bison Deck Supports elevate the deck above or around roof penetrations, allow 

(For Use with Coverdeck Systems Wood and Porcelain Structural Panels) Minimal maintain cost is required with Hercules Screwjack Pedestal because of easy Beautiful and precisely elevated spaces can be created on roofs, plazas, and many Made in the USA these deck tile connectors make installation eaiser for 

A grid system held up by adjustable supports simplifies construction of this rooftop deck. Pedestals can be used with conventional deck framing, but here we The cost to build a rooftop deck using Bison supports varies