cost of building a border fence crew

Different forms of fencing mark the U.S.-Mexico border on August 1 . with building the wall, no matter the cost to taxpayers or the environment.

The construction site of prototypes for President Trump's border wall with Mexico. . down payment, wavering estimates on the total cost, and a lawsuit from California . Construction crews first broke ground on September 26.

Construction crews replace a section of aging border fence in Sunland Park, N.M., with . Cardin estimated the wall will cost $21 billion to build.

A Mexican boy reaches his arm through the border fence in San Ysidro, CA in 2016. . most cost-effective, and most helpful to Border Patrol agents. .. A road crew improves a road along the U.S.-Mexico border by the Rio .

DONALD Trump's Mexican border wall will cost £17bn and take three and a half years to build, a shock leaked report has revealed.

The border wall was a key part of Donald Trump's presidential campaign . Mr Trump has estimated that the total cost of the wall will be .

Building experts estimate barrier could cost $31bn, with most of 40000-strong workforce from Mexican side of border.

A current section of border fence on the US-Mexico border Credit: AFP . He also promised that Mexico would pay for the cost of building it but .

Stretching 81 miles along the border with the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad and over 6ft in height, the fence will cost an estimated £26 million, .

A construction crew working near the border fence on the US/Mexico border at . The president has suggested the wall might cost $12bn; the .

A construction crew working near the border fence on the U.S.-Mexico . Trump's border wall, this is the emotional price of doing business.

Construction crews install bollard-style panels for the new border . mile, the Nogales fence-replacement project will cost just slightly more than .

Donald Trump has said he will lower the cost of building a wall along the US-Mexico border by negotiating a bargain and using a cheap design .

use more than $4 billion (£3.2bn) in US taxpayer money to build his border wall, . the $4.1 billion figure could be just a fraction of the total cost.

President Donald Trump's proposed border wall would require him to . A road crew improves a road along the U.S.-Mexico border on March 16, 2017 in Hidalgo, Texas. . Trump will have to seize private land in order to build a border wall. . The wall will cost a lot more, politically and economically, than .

Construction crews build prototype models of the proposed wall along the . During the campaign Trump promised voters the wall would cost .