covering a concrete porch with wood

So we've had this very sturdy but extremely plain looking concrete porch in the would offer a solid base we decided to keep it and just cover it all with wood.

If like us, you have an old concrete stoop that has more than seen better surround as we liked the low-maintenance factor and wood look.

Concrete and wood are common materials for front porches, because they have several merits. Which one is right for your home depends on many factors, 

Concrete, tile, cypress, IPE there are many flooring considerations when designing your porch. Take a look at our porches and design decisions. on top of a concrete pad, you can use the concrete as your flooring and cover it with a nice rug. A lot of people may think that pressure-treated wood is more 

This situation is common in many pool, patio and porch designs. want to cover it with something nice without busting up all the old concrete. Wood is a material that breathes; it absorbs and releases moisture, adjusting 

21 Best Front Porch Flooring Options: Outdoor, Covered, Wood & More Concrete pavers are another great option for your porch flooring. They are manmade