attach wooden decking to the slab

How to Build a Deck over Concrete Slab. KlevaKlip. Loading. How to attached wood to concrete that is well cured. (over a concrete deck) 

This is a video of how I attach wood to concrete and it works very well. that is well cured. (over a concrete deck) Hey Brett; These nails work exceptionally well and are ideal for concrete whether it is a slab or a wall.

Building a wooden deck this way does offer the advantage of not needing to worry The concrete in my case is 6" thick, which is enough room to attach to bolts 

Building a wood deck over a concrete slab General Questions. Joists glued to spacers and attached to the concrete. Also a barrier between 

Explore Wood Patio, Concrete Patios, and more! Building A Floating Deck Over Concrete Slab. install decking over install decking over concrete porch - the first of my back deck is concrete with the rest being wood decking. Need to cover 

Step by step instructions on how to install a deck ledger board to a two holes every 12” through the wood where your bolts will be installed.

How do you add life to a tired, old, cold and dull slab of concrete? Why not build a timber deck on top of it? you can use regular joists in their place and anchor small stump posts with bolt down post shoes or brackets to bring 

How to build a deck over a concrete slab. Attach joist support onto hex bolts and adjust to approx height required. Semi-tighten nuts - this will tighten the whole 

To secure an overhead to an already-existing slab, you must place each post in a post anchor. Standard Check local building code to see if you can attach a patio roof directly to your deck. How to Restore & Maintain a Wood Deck.

How can I install wood decking over a very uneven concrete slab? I had enough leeway to attach the decking to 2x sleepers on the porch.

Q-Our 36-year-old concrete patio consists of six slabs that have become A-The usual way to build a deck over a patio is to attach wood 

wood mon nots r ighten ain. ding ng. ods if dwood ended t drift- ood patible ss. 00 Building a redwood deck over an existing concrete slab is an easy There are two basic steps in Deck Over Concrete construction: attach.

Start by securing two-by-four runners, or sleepers, to the concrete, then attach decking to the runners. Keep drainage in mind, and the end 

Replace that crumbling concrete patio by adding a durable composite deck. Be sure to install a sleeper system first. Learn why, and how to do