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Wood Juice is a specially formulated product for treating dry or semi-dry wood to prevent future checking, cracking and warping. This product will provide more 

Pentacryl is a wood stabilizer used by woodcarvers, woodturners, builders and furniture Please scroll down to view drum order pricing for this product.

Or can they? We've all seen commercially stabilized blanks for sale, but now there are products available to stabilize your own blanks at home, 

Carving or turning green wood is certainly faster and easier than working with dry stock. But sometimes the extra work involved with slowly and carefully drying 

Cactus Juice Stabilizing Resin and Dyes · cjc2r325 Featured Products. 5dyes700. Add to Wishlist Add to Compare. Cactus Juice Stabilizing Dye 2 oz. $11.50.

Hold Fast. Wood Stabilization Chamber System. New Product!! Available in 6" and 8" diameters with our standard heights of 8", 12", and 18". The 18" height is 

Learn simple wood stabilization techniques using lacquer, CA and wood hardeners for The wood needs to be very dry for this product to penetrate well.

We can resin stabilize your wood. We use a pressure impregnation process with a heat curable polymer resin. Not sure if this will work for your wood? Check out 

How to Stabilize Wood. Wood products change and warp depending upon the temperature and humidity. If you want to reduce the chances of this happening, 

Maybe research the product called pentacryl , I believe it's for freshly cut green wood and says it can be brushed on to help avoid checks and splits. I hope this 

View a Larger Image of Pentacryl Wood Stabilizer, Gallon Pentacryl is a revolutionary new product that combats the negative effects of drying by displacing 

You'll need this to dry the wood before stabilizing, as well as curing the resin it feels like wood, but the finished product is a wonderful hybrid.

Processed & stabilized woods from Wood Stabilizing Specialists, International Photos, tips, tech info, prices and more about WSSI stabilized wood products as 

One of the main problems associated with working green wood is the cracks and checks that develop when the workpiece begins to dry. This product offers a 

Treating green wood with "Pentacryl Wood Stabilizer" to prevent I have been using Pentacryl for over 10 years and it is a great product.

This is the first segment (of 3) where we demonstrate the process of stabilizing wood, specifically dry, lightweight, porous woods. These are