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Despite all the competition, this ubiquitous green-tinted wood is still . For many purists, the only choices for decking are redwood or red cedar.

sustainable redwood deck with table . Currently the best alternative wood preservative is borate. . In terms of green building, the biggest objection to composite decking is that, although it lasts a long time, it is very difficult to .

Finding truly sustainable decking materials can be a challenge, but one we love to take on! . If recycled redwood or cedar is available in your area, it is worth seeking out, both to conserve natural resources and as a superior building material. . forcing people to search for more cost effective alternatives.

California Redwood's natural ability to withstand weathering and pests make it . Alternative decking materials are made from petroleum-based .

Q. Could you look into wood for building decks? . So redwood or cedar from the Pacific Northwest or tropical hardwoods like ipe from Brazil .

3 – Redwood is perhaps the most sustainable building material . A redwood deck can store more than a half-ton of carbon, giving you a carbon footprint . recyclable, and cleaner to produce than its engineered “alternatives.

There are myriad sustainable decking and railing options to consider, from classic . If you're building in a wet or coastal region, choosing a rot-resistant material is critical. . (also called Brazilian walnut), cedar and redwood are three of the most .. Welded wire panels offer a cost-effective alternative.

Before building a deck, carefully consider the materials, which . Its natural color is a somewhat brown-green, but you can stain it for a more attractive color. . If you want the natural route, go with a weather-resistant wood such as cedar or redwood. . Check Out Plastic Deck Lumber: a Wood Alternative.

To preserve the look and feel of wood but upgrade in terms of longevity, you might want to consider a redwood or cedar for your decking materials—they make .

Which is the best decking material—cedar, pressure-treated or composite lumber? . Probably the most difficult decision to make when building a deck is what .

Decks and Porches Need to Stand Up to the Weather. . Pressure-treated softwood; Cedar; Redwood; Ipé; Wood-plastic composite; Plastic; Aluminum insect damage or decay, and it's less expensive than the few alternatives on the market.

Timber decking has been much improved in recent years, making it a . and highly slippy, or an attractive alternative to hard landscaping? .. If your deck requires planning permission it will also require Building Regulations approval. . It all goes well if you have chosen a sustainable sourced wood for it.

By utilizing green building materials, green design philosophies, and . Redwood and cedar top the list of ideal natural wood decking, though there are . that responsible resource management and alternative building materials are as .

Not sure how to choose among the many types of decking-building options? . cedar, redwood, and pressure-treated pine, as well as an ever-expanding market of . Go green with these three great options for sustainable deck-building materials. . Recycled Composite: This alternative decking material prevents waste from .

In order to be considered green, building materials have to be judged on a variety . treated lumber, woods with natural resistance to decay, such as redwood, cedar . building projects is a greener alternative to newly manufactured products.

The key to maintaining a “green” pedigree on your redwood deck is using redwood . Redwood, an "old favorite" building material, is coming around again as a . an ecologically sound alternative for the environmentally conscious consumer.