convert an existing 80s bungalow

We started out planning to add a first floor to an existing bugalow in a rural location. .. Our intention is to build up, be it a loft conversion or adding an . I have a 1980s bungalow of about 130m2 and want to add a second floor .

A tired bungalow totally transformed with the addition of a storey . Sarah planned to work with the existing building — doubling its size . to transform the 1980s single storey bungalow into a spacious 225m2 two storey home.

There is also the option of converting a bungalow into a two-storey property. .. required it may be possible to either rebuild completely or convert an existing .

But if you are converting an existing room, such as a bedroom or . While a granny flat or boomerang generation bungalow might suit you, what .

Home > Bungalow > A contemporary update for a dated bungalow . of their previous home and their existing mortgage, Nick and Steven hired .

If your home has 1970s or 1980s stone cladding, pebbledash, mismatching bricks or . allows for extensions to be built with materials matching the existing building, but if . On some styles of house – especially a bungalow – the roof is a very .

Martin Swatton's converted 1937 bungalow. . leading up to an ensuite master bedroom that used to be two (they were added in the 80s).

When Richard and Pauline Andrews bought a humble bungalow in an . a spectacular first home together, without losing the existing building.

Bungalow Conversion and Extension, This project provided the client with an impressive family home. The existing bungalow was virtually demolished. A large .

Bungalow Conversion to Flats: Harrow Architects converted the bungalow into a . and planning permission procedures of replacing their existing bungalow.

main types: A standard Dormer conversion, an L-Shape Dormer and a Window Dormer. Dormer Conversions are created by making an opening in the existing .

A refurbishment and extension to change an existing house from 1980s Spanish . Garage conversion to kitchen to form modern and contemporary link to garden. . 3 bedroom chalet bungalow to Five Bedroom three storey House in Hove.

Whether your dream home is a 30s terrace house, a detached 80s bungalow, a converted Victorian terrace flat or a Georgian townhouse, buying a house is .

that they convert their elongated bungalow into a modern dormer house . The existing bungalow's roof was demolished along with all of the internal walls .. 1980s extension cavity walls pumped with white EPS insulation.

A taupe body color with a slight green cast has a grounding effect on this one-story bungalow. The muted tone also ties with the existing roof shingles and .