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Available in 25 "Cool Chemistry" colors Hidden Fasteners - No Visible Screws on Panels Lifetime Warranty Heavy Duty Steel Roofing Panels The Best Hail, 

How To Install Metal Roofing Panels. ABC's metal roofing experts show explain and demonstrate how to install exposed and hidden fastener metal roofing 

Concealed fastener metal wall systems include horizontally and vertically installed panels, corrugated panels, and diamond shaped metal shingles.

Concealed clip fastened metal roofing panels look better and offer peace of of the clips and the time it takes to install the hidden fasteners.

hidden clips and/or fasteners to attach the panel to the substrate. The most common types of concealed fastener panels are referred to as standing seam panels.

Quality hidden fastened standing seam panels. are premium metal roofing designed to hide fasteners by using concealed side laps or concealed clips.

McElroy Metal has a variety of Concealed fastener metal wall panels. The Wave Panel is installed horizontally utilizing hidden clips and fasteners, resulting in 

The hidden fastener, standing seam Snap-Lock profile is commonly the preferred This style of metal roof panel requires two panel seams to snap together.

There are two types of metal roof fasteners: exposed and concealed. The latter are tucked away, hidden by the roofing panels themselves, 

All clips are interchangeable with each other, to create a hidden fixing system that allows for flexing and expansion of the panel and support frame. To ensure 

It is an economical, snap together, concealed fastener roofing panel. Pro-Snap Hidden fastener/pro-snap price is figured on 17-1/2" nominal width.

Firestone Building Products offers eleven profiles in the Delta series of concealed fastener panels. The Delta Series is a high-performance cladding system, 

Learn how to install standing seam metal roof panels system with concealed fasteners. Stainless steel clips hold down the metal panels 12" 

The diverse variety of panel options has helped drive this trend, matched with metal's longevity and minimal maintenance. Exposed or Hidden Fasteners.

The Zero SKU 320 can be used both to mount to furring and mount to drywall. The hidden fastener allows for the fast and easy installation of panels, dir

The panel uses a snap together system allowing for rapid installation without Horizon-Loc uses hidden fasteners that give you the ultimate protection