why use coupling agent

One of the most prolific applications of organosilicon compounds is their use as coupling agents.

Selecting a Silane Coupling Agent - Polymer Applications . .. The most widely used coupling agents, the aminoalkyl- silanes are the most economical, but are 

during composite aging and use. The coupling agent provides a stable bond between two otherwise poorly bonding surfaces. Figure 2 shows (via an SEM of the 

Coupling agents are adhesion promoters that are used to provide a stable bond by reducing the interfacial tension between the fibrous or particulate inorganic 

Several DuPont polymer modifiers can be used as coupling agents in filled plastic compounds. Often, the coupling agent enhances resulting performance 

Compatibilizers are used to promote interfacial adhesion between pair of polymer which are otherwise immiscible. They are usually block copolymers, both

Extensively used coupling agents for NFPCs are copolymers containing maleic anhydride such as maleated polypropylene (MAPP) or maleated polyethylene 

Silane coupling agents are compounds whose molecules contain functional groups that bond Use of silane coupling agents when producing acrylic resins 

SILANE COUPLING AGENTS. 39. Given the widespread use of silane coupling agents, there have been a num- ber of papers and reviews that have focussed 

Use of silane coupling agents in glass reinforced plastics has resulted in a particularly notable improve- ment of materials performance, and this application is.

Biomaterials. 2002 Jan;23(2):629-35. Use of coupling agents to enhance the interfacial interactions in starch-EVOH/hydroxylapatite composites. Vaz CM(1) 

When a silane coupling agent is used in a thermosetting resin-based fiber-reinforced material, remarkable improvements are obtained in the mechanical and 

Silane coupling agents, which are synthetic hybrid inorganic-organic compounds, are used to promote adhesion between dissimilar materials.

Polymers used in this study were high density polyethylene (HDPE) and [1] have shown that incorporating DPMI as a coupling agent for the 

Ultrasound Transmissivity through Coupling Agents (Gels) in the UK "Relative transmissivity of ultrasound coupling agents commonly used by therapists in the 

Looking for online definition of coupling agent in the Medical Dictionary? coupling agent A gel or lotion used to improve contact and reduce friction between