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Engineered Hardwood Flooring - Solid wood flooring with beauty, quality, extra durability, and Thailand Flooring Manufacturer Multiple layers of graded wood are assembled in a cross-grain structure for superior Solid hardwood of premium/prime quality timber Extra-Large Plank and Antique/Reclaimed Wood Floor

It can also be referred to as recycled timber or reclaimed timber. Found in: Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Burma, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Uses: Heavy duty construction work, structural timbers, flooring, framing, furniture making.

January 11, 2011: In Thailand, it is difficult to source wood and timber from sustainable sources for building. At this moment, there does not 

Reclaimed” teak, a wood from the Far East, is increasingly popular with Americans. The result, Dr. Tanet said, is that "the wooden culture gives way to the concrete. he bypassed the big-box home stores and found a structure made of teak Erika Carpenter inspects the floor of a teak house in Thailand.

Recycled timber and steel, combined with bright colours, lend a vibrant integrity to by mixing locally sourced wood salvaged from boats and leftover floor planks. Other structural changes included removing the shower in the guest bathroom by The textile figure was picked up in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Re-write any story with the expanded Reclaimed Timber Flooring, salvaged and Made in the USA from old barns and other vintage structures. This collection is 

logging for timber is the main factor leading to the loss or degradation of Earth's forests. from particularly threatened areas, seeking non-wood, recycled and structural & utility wood skids (pallets). Turnery, expensive furniture, flooring and The Burmese government has also sold teak concessions to Thai logging 

Trestlewood provides reclaimed wood and other unique wood products including antique flooring, reclaimed timbers, reclaimed lumber, barn wood, mantels etc.