no need to polish treated wood decking

But the British weather can take its toll, leaving decking in need of a little TLC. . Your chosen product will determine how often you'll need to re-treat (as well as . cause the product to dry too quickly and not be fully absorbed into the wood.

You may find you need more frequent decking treatment at the bottom . to clean decking finished with oils too, but you need to take care not to .

We'll show you how to clean and renew your deck like a pro in two four-hour. . Oxalic acid will brighten the wood in a matter of minutes and does not require rinsing. . Our deck is pressure-treated pine, so the brightening of the wood is less .

Learn how to test the wood, clean your deck and apply stain or sealer. . If the water beads up or stands on the deck, your deck may not need sealing yet. . If you have a brand-new deck made of treated lumber (as opposed to cedar or .

I see no difference in the before and after . i need some advice on my deck. its pressure treated wood. i used a behr product. its deck paint. not .

This how to-guide describes how to clean and oil a wooden deck with great result. . In that way, the durability of the wood is considerably prolonged and no . almost inevitable and the wooden deck will need to be surface-treated once again.

Remove staining, mildew and old finish with a commercial deck cleaning solution. Pressure washing is almost always a must on older decks, but be sure not to .

Fortunately, most wood deck surface problems are cosmetic, not structural, . First, you clean it, and then you diagnose and treat any discoloration. . rain, snow, and ice—you may need to treat your deck periodically, perhaps .

People who are building pressure treated wood decks for their outdoor living . but that's no longer necessary with newer treatments like micronized copper.

I have a beautiful new treated pine deck and I'm confused about the finish. . I have hardwood (ipe) deck and we are choosing to not stain/oil/seal it. . Also, be aware that you'll need to periodically clean and reseal the deck.

To keep a pressure treated wood deck looking great, it will need to be . We had a very rainy spring and the deck had not yet been sealed. I am sick because the beautiful flat boards are now cupping as I am preparing to clean and stain.

The process of painting pressure-treated wood involves steps you would not take—and considerations you . Here's what you need to know. . First, before painting pressure-treated wood, it's important to clean it. . to the elements, paint lasts longer on vertical surfaces like fences than it does on horizontal ones like decks.

Staining pressure treated wood enables you to capitalize on the strength and . of pressure-treated wood for your home's outdoor structures without sacrificing . A little bit of stain and some know-how are all you need to enhance your decks and fences. . Before you stain pressure-treated wood, you should clean it first.

You should be able to keep your deck & railing fairly clean by pressure washing it a few . So there is no need to wait any amount of time to stain your new deck.

Regardless of whether or not you have a wood deck or a composite deck, you . and wood decks alike deserve the best deck treatment to shine .

Additionally, you should treat your deck or reseal the wood at least once a year. . cleaning solution. (It is not necessary to use a pressure washer at this stage.) .