what to do if composite wood deck warped

Discover the benefits of both wood and composite decking options for your home. If dreams of warm weather find you standing on a new deck, start planning now. “They do get scratched, they do fade, and they can warp, just like wood.”

When planning your deck, you'll need to consider what style you what Wood can rot and warp, so any situation where it comes in contact with 

Like most decking wood or composite there needs to be some If the composite lumber is not properly supported it tends to bow and warp. If you are considering using a composite decking material, do your research.

Replaced existing deck with new composite decking. Natural-wood decking products can be roughly divided into three categories: pressure-treated lumber, redwood and It has a tendency to swell, crack, split, and warp. If you don't, both redwood and cedar will eventually weather to a soft silvery gray.

Your deck will only be high quality if you use high quality materials. Whether you're using various types of wood, or synthetic materials, your 

If your existing deck is old, shabby and a maintenance nightmare, you don't have to grade because the deck will appear warped (sometimes only during the winter). Also ask your building inspector whether the synthetic decking you've 

Most composite deck boards will be much longer than wooden boards, Your composite deck may not warp, but it can sag and buckle. Most sagging is caused by improper spacing between the joists when it is installed. Also 

Many homeowners enjoy having a wood or composite deck, even though When boards become warped or curled, you don't always need to cut them out and 

Composite decking is composed of a mixture of wood and plastic and offers Composite decking can give you the look of real wood planks.

Composite decking can mimic the look of natural wood. blades to get overly hot when cutting as this can cause cuts to be warped or wavy.

All wood composite decking materials without a protective shell fade when exposed to sunlight. Veranda's colours may take on tan or greenish-grey hues as 

If is made from recycled materials, why is it more expensive than wood? .. Wood, on the other hand, often has inconsistent dimension and can warp and 

Resurfacing your deck with is easy to do, and the results are easy to love. If the boards on your existing deck are looking a bit worn - and the foundation and deck framing system Isn't it time to scrap that warped, splintery, faded wood?

Wooden decking is usually cedar, pine, or redwood. Most are pressure treated to resist rot, but can warp, stain, or splinter. When left a lighter 

Here at we offer several composite decking product lines, each with its The wood will not accept stain properly if it hasn't dried out enough. And let's not forget the challenges of nail pops, splinters, warped boards, 

When the less demanding plastic-composite decking appeared on the scene in the 1990s, they can't warp or check, and you can go barefoot without fear of splinters. Doesn't really look like wood: Some boards do a better job at mimicking