how to seal gaps in tongue and groove walls

Tongue-and-groove ceilings add charm to porches and nearly any room in a house. Caulking and painting a ceiling with loose sections usually leads to gaps as apply painter's tape around the perimeter of the ceiling to protect the walls 

The flat ceiling is tongue and groove with a well ventilated attic and R-30 I'm also interested in best practices for tongue and groove knee walls. them on the top of the T&G, with caulk or canned foam at all edges, gaps, etc.

I am doing a project and the owner's pine tongue and groove ceiling is shrinking. Sealing the wood on all sides will slow the expansion and about 1/16 to 1/8 inch (larger gaps higher on the walls and across the ceilings, 

Occasionally I see tongue-and-groove paneling that was not pre-painted before installation, leaving an unpainted gap when the boards shift.

With tongue and groove paneling, evenly spaced gaps or grooves are features of both slats and full-sheet panels. Drywall compound can be used to fill them in 

I agree that the caulking is making it EASIER for the paint to crack. Much Wood Tongue and Groove Wall Paneling Joins the Comeback Club.

Watch this video to find out how to fill the grooves in paneling with drywall joint Even if it didn't crack and fall out it would separate from the groove and create a 

This tongue and groove wall looks fantastic. It's super Putty is used to fill in nail holes and is best applied in a small mound above each hole. Caulking the 

How to tongue and groove, Do you need to caulk tongue and groove? However DO seal the wall first if it's bare plaster. Those glues don't work well Try not to get too much paint in the crack where the joins are. Then your 

How to Fill Gaps In a Wide-Plank Wood Floor - This Old House I would have cut a thin strip of wood to fill in that crack and glue it in with How to Repair a Tongue-and-Groove Wood Floor - This Old House - Duration: 4:54.

First, you would need to fill in the grooves with spackle, but now you I'd be afraid that the skim coat would crack or chip as the paneling flexes.

Caulking is a sealant that fills gaps, cracks, nail holes, and similar imperfections on the Also, avoid caulking tongue-and-groove siding boards together.

I assume I can use it to fill in some holes on the wood as well? and those indents in the tongue & groove thick paneling were so intimidating.

In this video, I show you how to fill in gaps between hardwood flooring with wood filler. The process is relatively simple. Fill in the gap with wood filler, How to Repair a Tongue-and-Groove Wood Floor - This Old House 

Painted Knotty Pine Paneling Has Huge Gaps In Winter manage to get paint into the joint, it can also lock the tongue in position in the groove.

Window and door frames are most often in need of sealing. Eventually, old caulk loses its elasticity and cracks when wood expands and