decking over the trim of the pool

Over the rail, how will I put on winter cover or remove caps/rails? you go, don't trim the boards too close to the pool if you get hard winter.

A laser level is a good idea in this case, since the level will need to remain even over an extended area. Remember to allow for any top trim on the pool and the 

In this installment, I show how I trim off the excess deck board ends Are you going to lay another coat of stain over the entire surface also?

Fill in pool,convert pool, deck over pool, remove pool altogether. Building a deck over empty pool gravel fire pit area - trim gravel area with thick pavers.

Though, when it comes to replacing the pool's liner, some decks They might think their kids are going to trip over the pool's top rails if the 

Near the curve of the pool runs an angled beam, over which joists My crew will set all of the joists except the outer two without trimming them 

Swimming pool decks have come a long way from plain ol' concrete pool deck, rock salt is scattered over the surface, and lightly pressed into place mosaics and trim tile sets to complete a unified patio or pool deck design 

Learn how to build a pool deck with these 10 steps. Once all the deck boards are fastened down, use a circular saw to trim off their Now move over to the sun deck and start fastening down the 2 x 6 deck boards. Again 

Look at the place where the decking meets the exterior edge of the perimeter supports. Use a circular saw to trim any spots where the decking juts out over the 

Create a backyard play area around a basic kiddie pool. You'll After the decking is attached, screw on pre-painted trim boards to all four flush sides. Lift the 

With my new pool I would like to build the decking over it. Do you have any design ideas on building a deck over the trim that would still give some degree 

Trim deck straight line - Build Ground-Level Deck. • Snap a chalk line to mark a straight cutting line. Trim decking to length 

Cool can be applied over existing concrete pool deck surfaces, including FL WHERE I GREW UP FUNNY THING WAS I PAINTED SOME TRIM WITH 

your old concrete patio an eyesore? You can avoid the cost and mess of tearing it out by just screwing down wood sleepers and decking over it.

In lieu of coping stones, some pool designs feature concrete or wood decking that extends to or slightly over the edge of the pool. Materials 

The deck buckled in a couple of areas, plus the contractor used a 9-inch brick for coping over a 12-inch bond beam. I said to the homeowners,