can use bleach on composite decking

If you choose composite material for your deck, it is important to remember your decking will be exposed to natural elements that can create a .

Use of products containing bleach or acid will lighten the surface of . Use in an inconspicuous area to determine whether you like the effect. Neither product .

Periodic care and maintenance will help keep your composite decking looking . Using a deck wash containing hypochlorite (bleach) can speed this process up .

I have a Seventrust deck with black marks like leopard marks on most of the boards. . It is true that bleach based solutions pose a difficulty; they can affect the /blog/never-use-bleach-on-composite.

Cleaning algae on composite deck: Even composite decking requires regular care. . close or using too much pressure can be ruinous for your composite product. . always check the label and NEVER use a Chlorine Bleach based "cleaner".

Plastic decking can be scratched and will degrade with the use of bleach. . You can tell if your composite is porous if it becomes heavier when water is added.

Original does go through an inevitable bleaching, fading - or what the . You can use a quality composite deck cleaning product at up to 1/2 strength, .

Using a metal shovel or a shovel lined with metal will scratch your decking. Composite decking can easily handle winter weather such as snow. If you need to shovel . Never use a Chlorine Bleach based deck cleaner. Chlorine Bleach is .

Never use household bleach to clean your composite decking . Using bleach to rid mould is not only damaging to the deck, but will actually .

How to clean a composite deck. I used CorteClean deck . larry52005 years ago. you dont use a pressure washer on composite decking..

The bleach, says, will remove the mold, but also could lighten the color of the boards. . If you use them on a wet deck, they won't work as well. Never mix .

Find out how to clean and seal your composite wood deck with these easy steps. . I hate bleach because it kills plants and vegetation, and it's terrible to work with. . A short video on how to properly use the cleaner can be viewed here.

mixture of Oxiclean and it does not seem to bother the plants as it is an oxygen bleach. . For use, spray on with hand sprayer or weed killer type tank sprayer (for large jobs) . We had a deck and tried various cleaners.

These dark spots on the composite decking are a mixture of algae, mildew or some other mold . Oxygen bleach almost always will restore the original look. . After the wait period, use a stiff scrub brush to clean the decking.

Deck wash with bleach and detergent (ex: Olympic Deck Wash or . Using a pressure washer with high pressure or too closely will result in . Mold is an eyesore on decking, but it does not damage the like it does wood.

Explore the process for cleaning composite decks, and check out helpful . the recommended instructions for cleaning your composite deck, you can expect it to . It's generally suggested that you use a power washer to clean a composite deck. . Over time, stain is more likely to fade or discolor and bleach can hasten the .