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Contractors, watch this video to learn which types of nails and wood screws can be used when installing LP SmartSide lap siding and how your 

Contractors, watch this video to learn about the advantages of using LP SmartSide Trim & Siding products and how to install them. This video 

Nailing Instructions. • LP SmartSide 76 Series lap siding may be attached directly to O.C. with 1-1/2 in. screw penetration into each stud or… • Minimum 6d 

Dunno about SmartSide, but 20-odd years ago I did this house in Masonite Woodsman siding, and, if I had .. Smart siding is very popular around here in both lap and "Smart Panel" sheet siding. .. Preview, Attachment, Size 

We knew we had to use the 76 series Smartside product for the 24 inch centers. siding through the foam and furring strip with long nails or screws biting into .. Then LP 8" lap siding attached to the furring per Tech Note No.

LP SmartSide is the new high-end siding of choice here in Minnesota. It used to be stucco, but moisture intrusion problems with stucco siding 

Panels can be a great time-saver when putting siding on a house because the Installation is basically the same regardless of how panels are connected.

T1-11 siding is designed for installation on framing with standard 16-inch spacing. You can attach them with exterior screws or galvanized nails.

Expert advice on how to install wood lap siding, how to prepare exterior walls, lay out siding for installation and tips for cutting and fastening lap 

The siding on this home was nailed using 1-3/4" roofing gun nails that were electro plated. Probably a NO / NO When you need to screw the siding what type of screw do you use? Tags: None .. the problem? Attached Files.

Plywood panel or sheet siding offers one of the quickest and least expensive ways to Doors · Home Exteriors · Smart Home · Decks · Patios · Porches & Outdoor Rooms Fasten the ledger to the stakes with screws, leveling it as you go. At a roofline, attach flashing and install the panels 1-2 inches above the flashing.

Fasten with stainless steel screws or hot-dipped siding nails. Cutting and It is smart to fill fastener holes in the PVC trim before painting. Fill small holes with an 

Video 8 – How To Install LP Smart Side Panels on The Shed It may seem odd to install the LP Smart Side Panels on just the front and back walls be better off to use sheathing first and then a siding (wood, vinyl or hardi board etc.). If the ideal screws are hard to get, again, I would not import, use nails for the framing etc.

T1-11 siding is a specialized form of plywood that was extensively Screws can be used to attach the panels, but the materials cost is greater.

Lap siding is a popular exterior finish for both residential and commercial ICF jobs. Attach the lumber to the webs with screws, then nail the siding to the wood.

such installation are excluded from coverage under the LP SmartSide limited warranty. Trim and fascia are not designed for siding; or structural applications and should not be Attachment of trim as batten strips where the trim is unable to be attached into wood Fasten into pre-drilled holes with proper nails or screws.