build a floating deck over concrete floor

So we have a slab with a huge crack as a patio. I've been looking online My neighbor did not, and built his deck over the top of the slab. Now several years for a simple deck. It will float with the slab if there is frost heaving.

How can I install wood decking over a very uneven concrete slab? up the porch and haul the concrete away, so I built a portion of the deck on 

How to Install Capped Composite Decking Over Concrete Of course, before you begin building your floating deck, you should always check 

If local codes allow setting the overhead directly on an existing slab but the concrete is not thick enough to support the overhead's weight, you will have to pour 

Attach the wood-composite decking to the top of the concrete stoop using the Working with composite building materials is easy, but attaching to concrete is 

It's easy to build floating decks, since they're not attached to a building. Lay Concrete Deck Blocks to Support the Small Deck .. much for the space (only so much "lip" can be allowed to hang over the edge, unsupported).